BTProSafety© is committed to complying with the National Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993; as amended to ensure that we meet our legal and moral Duty of Care towards our clients, stakeholders and members of the general public by ensuring-

  • Strict adherence and compliance to all our client’s health and safety and company rules and regulations

  • Setting the example to our clients and stakeholders in the way we conduct our business

  • Applying best practice and corporate governance to manage risk appropriately to minimise impact on our business, and in turn on our client’s business

  • Ensuring that we operate above board, and in strict compliance to company ethics and business practices

  • Investigating all incidents to ensure that we learn from example, and implement corrective action to prevent recurrence of similar incidents

  • Where possible eliminating all hazards, and where this is not feasible, implementing reasonable engineering, administrative or similar mitigation measures to protect learners and clients during training and practical sessions, where required

  • Reporting any and all hazards to clients when on site, to ensure that they are made aware of such hazards and can implement corrective measures to prevent incidents

  • Preparing learners prior to all training sessions for any emergency procedures that may need to be implemented, should an emergency arise

  • Applying all the above not only on the client’s site, but also at own premises, to ensure our own health and safety

  • Ensure that we take reasonable care of our own safety, and ensure that our actions and omissions do not affect others

  • Taking accountability and responsibility for what we do

This, we as Management of BTProSafety© pledge to all our clients, stakeholders, family and members of the public


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